Welcome Orchestra Students!

This page was created by Mrs. Holy and is for use of the Northwest Middle School Orchestra Students.

 Students, you are welcome to leave a comment on the webpage and also enlighten us in some of your recent findings. Also you will find to the left agendas for upcoming classes.  Please watch spelling with your post,  be appropriate in what you post (every post has to be approved by me), and post your name with each post (just your first name is fine). This is a reflection of us. Have fun and enjoy, after all this was made for you 🙂


34 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Dear Mrs. Holy.
    I Miss you so much!Thank You For Teaching Me!I Love Orchestra.I Hope your classes were as great as ours 🙂 lol miss you!
    Your 2013 Class Violaist
    Victoria (:

  2. Hello Miss Tori! I miss you too! How are things at the high school? I heard that you are not in orchestra this year. That really makes me sad. Make sure you keep up with your playing though, you are true talent and I dont want that to go to waste.
    (Dont be a stranger and come up to visit some time 🙂 )

  3. i remember being in this class. now i am in high school playing much harder music and having so much fun! if you think that band is much better than orchestra, then you are lame! Mrs Holy was a fun teacher and she knew how to make class fun (sometimes). baaaahhaaa i miss tins class and can’t wait till i come back to kick band’s butt in a game of kickball!!

  4. Sometimes??? Try all the time 🙂 I miss you guys so much! You were a fun class. Good luck this year and we will need you kickball time!

  5. dear mrs holy,
    so my competition dates are-
    april 1-3
    april 29- may 1
    i will know what days excactly around march.
    then my recital is june 24 and 25

    hope you can go.

    Mikayla Laburay<3

  6. Your not getting out of it that fast…date moved to May and I called your dance studio to block the weekend 🙂

  7. oh yeah i know thats why i decided not to do solo and ensemble. i knew it was a busy time for me and im commited to dance. i still hope you can make it thought

    love you!!<33

  8. Hey Its Allie just saying hi lol So I rejoined orchestra and want you to tell your class Not to quit! There may be other things like art you may like but its not the same!!!

  9. So I heard 🙂 I knew you would be back! Mrs. S is so excited to have you. I am going to take your post and write it on the board at school. How is everything else going? I cant wait to see you in the spring concert. Good Luck!

  10. Ms. Holy High School Is Great! Sorry I Haven’t Visited You Yet This Year. Sadly No I’m Not In Orchestra. I Made Symphonic Then My Mom Made Me Sign Up For North Technical. I’m Really Missing It. If You Need Any Help After School Or At Any Concerts, I’d Be Glad To Help
    Your 2013 Violaist,
    Victoria (:

  11. That would be wonderful! You know I can always use help! Let me know when you are available! THANK YOU!!!

  12. So Ha ! Its Lisa ! && We Did Good At Festival ! We Got A 2 ! ( : Better Than Last Year ! Hope We Do Even Better At Six Flags ! Try For A 1 ! Well I Got Bored && This Is My Second Time Typin This So Bye Bye ( ;
    TeHe ! Im Hecka Hyper ! Love Y’all All Well Most ! ( : ( ; 😀

  13. Guys, I Am Not Going To West Next Year, But, I Will look Forward To Seeing You Guys At Competitions, (AND KICKIN YOUR BUTTS!)Just Remember That Eventhough I’m Not Gonna Be With You Guys, We Will A L W A Y S, BE a F A M I L Y

  14. We did super good i Festival…I wanna Do piretes For six flags though… still hope we can go even though not so many people are going anymore( or at least i thought) I love six flags and it would be super fun o go with the orchestra.
    ~Chelsea Krenning

  15. Hey Ms.Holy I was just wondering were I could find the video of my solo that I did so I can show my dad.

  16. i used to love your class. i miss you soooo much. email me please. love your old favorite student, ashley dean

  17. mrs. holy,
    whats up. you remember me? its me ashley dean from your exploring music class. in 6th and 7th grade. do yo remember me telling you that i had an older sister? shes pregnant. and due on july 13,2011. but she might be due in the end of june. tell everyone ashley dean said hi. i love you buddy. see ya later. email me please. bye


    ashley-dawn dean

  18. OKAY. Crazy story time!
    So I finally realize how much I miss orchestra class today, and I come on this website. THEN, I click the picture tab.
    AND BAM!
    my face. first picture. and me and ravyn and mckenzie. And Im just sitting at my computer screaming “AHH WHAT IS THIS?” So yeah. Suprise. bahaha. I had so much fun at six flags!! THANK YOU FOR TAKING US! I hope we do more competitions and get better grades next time.! 😀 have an awesome rest of your summer. I’ll see you soon !

  19. Oh! How I love reading post like this!
    I am in full mode, ready to start the new school year! I agree I hope your class does get better scores this year, and
    I have all faith that this group can! Im very excited about 8th grade orchestra this year. This is a talented group, if you guys set your
    minds to it 🙂
    I hope you had a good summer Kasie and I cant wait to see you on the 15th..unless…you want to come up sooner and help some
    “old” teachers in their classroom on Wednesday 🙂

  20. Yes, you have to buy a ticket for yourself and a parent. Total is around $30. Have a good weekend shantel!

  21. Do you have to have your own sheet music for the Busch Stadium trip or are you passing out the sheet music

  22. MRS. HOLY! Thanks for encouraging me to do all suburban this year, it helped me SO MUCH! I know a lot more rhythms and counting now and stuff. It really helped me at the highschool. (:
    & Thanks for helping with my audition and taking us on all these wonderful expensive trips!!! <3 You're so thoughtful. Hope you have a great rest of the year with us.
    AND SOPHIA! <3(:

  23. Well, this was a great surprise this weekend! Thank you so much Kasie. Im so happy you did All-Suburban this year, and congrats on making it! You are a talented musician and I am so happy to see you really taping into it this year. I hope you continue that throughout high school. As long as you are willing to push, I will push you…and dont forget, I will be here when you are in high school too for support 🙂 Have a good week!

  24. Hey little orch dork babies:)
    I miss you guys muchly and can’t wait to see you guys again. I’m totally excited for the new freshies coming up to high school! And I heard you guys beat mazar? ( Or how ever you spell it…) Holy cow that’s awesome! Just to let you know we loosened him up for you guys! Well I’ll see some of you guys next year and hopefully at the highschools concert this tuesday! 😉
    Love. Chelsea Krenning <3

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